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Pierburg S.A. is a company that forms part of the KSPG AG Group, a worldwide leader in the design, development and production of automobile components.

As a worldwide automotive provider, Pierburg S.A. holds a position as a leader in the automotive markets thanks to their competence in the areas of the reduction of emissions and secondary air management. The development of our products is carried out in close collaboration with well-known automotive manufacturers.

The reduction of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption as well as increasing the reliability and quality of the engines of our clients are the decisive factors that drive innovation at Pierburg S.A.

Pump Technology

At the Pump Technology business unit, we’re dedicated to developing and producing innovative pumps and thermal management products for a wide range of sectors and applications. Whether it’s coolant, liquid, vacuum, or vapor – we have the right solution for your needs.

With production and development facilities around the globe, application centers close to our customers, and a strong drive to meet our customers’ needs, the Pump Technology business unit is a powerful partner when it comes to moving or controlling fluids.


Over the years, Pierburg SA has made important investments which have contributed to obtaining our state of the art facilities which house the most advanced technology in the world.

In its modern Abadiano production plant in Vizcaya, Pierburg SA has 26,300 square meters dedicated to the manufacturing of its products.

In the Vizcayan town of Berriz, just few kilometers from the main plant in Abadiano, Pierburg SA has at its disposition 3,200 square meters of modern consigment warehouse.

Furthermore in its AIC (Automotive Intelligence Center) facilities in Amorebieta, Pierburg has on one side 635 square meters of laboratories where the Research and Design unit is located and on the other side a 1530 square meter pavilion dedicated to the design and manufacturing of the assembly lines.

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