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ElringKlinger - Elring for short - now produces various sealing parts and their head gaskets, valve seals and liquid gaskets are particularly well known.


Paul Lechler founded a trading company for technical products back in 1879. In 1924 he produced his first head gasket. Some 70 years later Paul Lechler merged with Elring GmbH, a company which started designing and producing automotive parts in 1885. After years of development, a merger and relocations, ElringKlinger now has 45 factories spread over 21 countries.

The ideal supplier for professional engine repairs. Elring can provide a comprehensive range of gasket sets, gaskets, service parts and sealing compounds to suit all market requirements.

And of course to the genuine Elring quality standard expected of a worldwide automotive original equipment supplier – from ElringKlinger AG. The company develops and produces components for engines, gearboxes, exhaust systems and alternative drive technologies for the vast majority of vehicle and engine manufacturers.

Innovation and expertise in the field of original equipment provide the basis for the high level of popularity and success on the spare parts market around the world. The brand name "Elring - Das Original" has long since become a trademark for outstanding quality, safety, service, availability and reliability.

Quicker off the mark than the rest. Never take anything for granted. Do not be satisfied with existing standards. This is the school of thought with which highly motivated specialists at ElringKlinger carry out research and development work on new technologies and creative product concepts. These are then put into practice in future vehicle generations and new fields of application. Today's development results secure tomorrow's business.

Elastomer Gaskets

Ideal for basically all sealing joints on the engine. With specifically matched profile geometries, for maximum functionality at lowest sealing pressures. In load-carrying joints, elastomer gaskets must be fitted in the ancillary frictional connection, e.g., by using grooves on the part, or metal limiters under the bolts.

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